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The Decline

After the Second American Civil War, the resulting chaos finds the world itself in a time period of revolution. However, revolution isn't always a bad thing. These stories follow various friend groups as the world tries to figure itself out.

Inspirations: Solarpunk, alt-history

New Oregon Trail

A group of friends from West Virginia begin making their way to the Free Collectives of Cascadia, as war begins to envelop the United States.

Drowning Cicadas

A global conference in the Southern States of America (informally Dixieland) city of New Orleans goes haywire after a devastating hurricane hits the city; not helped by a massive earthquake from the New Madrid faultline, reversing the direction of the Mississippi. Six of the attendees band together to survive this cataclysm and escape.

Glass Desert

Five friends begin the task of creating a series of affinity groups and collectives in the United Pacific.

Electric Currents

The century of revolution is now over, and we follow the lives of five online friends and their new solarpunk reality.

United States Agency for Paranormal Investigation (API)

With her strategic connections, Marcine Rochester was able to get Congressional approval to start an agency under the FBI to investigate paranormal happenings throughout the United States and beyond. Stories with * at the end of the name are considered major stories in this collection.

Inspirations: SCP, horror ARGs, creepypastas, Gravity Falls, Stranger Things, Lovecraftian horror


Attack on Kai Mālie

The son of a Hawai'ian plantation owner is found dead for unknown reasons. Merjema serves as lead investigator.


The brief addition of new hanzi in Unicode causes an early internet forum to go mad. Luna serves as lead investigator.

Mirage of D.C.

The headquarters of the API is found by an outsider, despite it's strange nature. Marcine serves as lead investigator.



Portals of New York

A boy discovers a series of portals throughout New York City and the spirits that control said city. Merjema serves as lead investigator.


telo suno*

Told exclusively in toki pona and Mandarin.

A friend receives a mysterious video game after their friend commits suicide. Suhani serves as lead investigator.

Waterfall, Indiana*

Six high school students are forced to band together after an encounter with a cryptid results in chronic nightmares. Nālani serves as lead investigator.


The supercomputer AMIK traps 12 researchers in a Nunavut facility. Somporn serves as lead investigator.

Death Project*

Five bodies are found in a burnt down laboratory in rural, northern Michigan. Merjema serves as lead investigator.








Standalone Stories

These stories are not a part of a wider narrative. Stories with * may be incorporated into API.

Bubblegum Telephone*

Amaria, a prominent influencer, investigates strange happenings with Ezra, a neurotic conspiracy theorist. Based off Touch-Tone Bubblegum.

Burnt Doves

The Jeong and Madeira families are fierce rivals, epitomized by the relationship between the sensitive artist Cezar Madeira and the cultish Jeong Min.


The lives of five internet friends: Yui (Japan), Ashton (USA), Sameera (India), Amor (Mexico), and Huỳnh (Vietnam).

Crowning Miss Regulus

Tianbao enlists the help of the tea witch Tyler in order to win a local drag pageant.

Ghost Tower*

Leo lives alone in an old manor in Virginia, filled to the brim with ghosts that only he can see-- that is, until he meets Solomon.

The Meaning of Cassandra

Following Armella's ex-girlfriend Cassandra's murder trial, Armella investigates her apartment to figure out why she did it.


Theo's world crumbles after the suicide of his ex, forcing him to confront the demons of his past.




Stories that are written to be a part of another story's narrative.


mainly because i don't have any rn lol.... except for like a danganronpa idea floating in the ol' noggin