aster's asterisms

stamp of a cat, who follows a cursor with its nose. stamp of uboa from yume nikki, with text saying 'STOP MESSING WITH THE LIGHTS' stamp of the autism creature (also known as the tbh creature), with confetti exploding stamp that says 'MY OCS ARE MY BABIES' stamp of an emoji at a computer, with text saying 'going online to act silly

⁂ welcome! ⁂

hello? hello? can you hear me?

if you've gotten this message, then welcome to aster's asterisms! i'm aster, the weary captain of this vessel. i set out for the uncharted cosmos to seek out fellow friends who are also tired of the chaos of the modern web. even still, i do miss earth from time to time, which is why i sent out this transmission!! i hope i can be an inspiration for others to also set off into space.

i'm very much a beginner with html and css. if you wanna talk, check out the contact page! alternatively, see my guestbook.

if you ever need to return to the home page, click on "aster's asterisms" at the top!

gif of three cats. there's a campfire, and one cat sits on the left and two sit on the right.