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2024-01-10 @ 12PM

haven't updated in a long time woops... happy 2024!!

life updates: broke up with bf (nothing dramatic and we are still good friends :)). actually there's really no other life updates lmao. primarily just been working and organizing and stuff.

oh actually, i got accepted into IU! i'm hoping i get accepted into the honors college also, but i'm not holding out any hope for that. i'm planning on double majoring in Classical Civilization (specializing in Art + Archaeology) and Greek / Latin. i also want to take IU's Chinese Flagship Program, where i spend a summer abroad in Taiwan and my senior year in Taiwan. however, i'm not sure if that will be achievable with graduating on time. i'll have to talk to my advisor about it once i get assigned one.

i'm also doing the 52 book challenge this year, where you read one book a week. i finished week 1 (House of Leaves) and now i'm on week 2. i should probably make a lil page for it; i think that'd be cool.

also realizing i always feel like i have no time in my day but i spend most of my day doing absolutely nothing lmao

mood: alright!

listening: ruthlesness from epic: the musical

playing: hades

watching: rpdr s16

reading: the stranger by albert camus

random fact: neo-latin (latin used after the 14th century) works compose 99.99% of all latin works produced

2023-11-03 @ 11AM

another day! i've been doing pretty well.

me and my boyfriend have been calling almost every night and it's been the highlight of my day :) working everyday just... feels like a drag so it's really nice to have something to look forward to everyday. i love him so much. we are gonna hang out on the 10th and 11th. i wish i could spend thanksgiving with him... but can't control everything in life.

the indigo disk dlc for pokémon comes out on december 14th and i am SO EXCITED!!! i loved the teal mask so i have pretty high expectations. i don't expect the gameplay to be... amazing but i know the story is gonna be fire-- i'm really excited seeing kieran's character progression.

i wanna begin working on my creative projects. i have these big goals for myself but i'm not like... actually putting time into them yknow? and i want to change that!! i really wanna do youtube as a career but. obviously that's a lot of work.

i also wanna do drag really bad but i need to practice my makeup skills and learn how to sew and do wig styling.

started a kind of pokémon go club at work lol? it's me and 5 of my other coworkers.

free palestine 🇵🇸 considering donating to the palestine children's relief fund

mood: tired, but happy

listening: a night to remember by laufey and beabadoobee

playing: pokémon sword and shield (only need like 4 pokémon to complete the pokédex!!!)

watching: dragula season 5!! first episode was SO GOOD and i'm in love with niohuru x and orkgotik. was sad about the extermination but it was justified.

reading: oxford handbook of ancient greek religion

random fact: thebes, during the classical age, was a part of the boeotian league, a federal state dominated by thebes but included other towns in boeotia. despite the "league" part of the name, this isn't the same structure as athens' delian league or sparta's peloponnesian league; the former was more a tributary network that provided athens with goods and men in exchange for protection and the latter's was more of an alliance network (but more similar to athens' league than thebes'). huge oversimplification btw

2023-10-16 @ 6PM

hello my lovelies! i began dating this guy and he is so cute and amazing...

we started dating on the 12th, but we've known each other for around a year. he is literally so cute and gorgeous and waaaaah so amazing... he's really kind and smart (even though i don't think he believes that himself), and just. i really like him. the only problem is he lives 2 hours away for college so i can only see him on breaks... and it will be like that for 5 years once i also enter undergraduate college (and who knows if we will even go to the same graduate school). but i know everything will work out in the end :)

work has been. alright ig! becoming good friends with some of my coworkers.

mood: happy!

listening: lovesick by laufey

playing: pokémon sword and shield

watching: mike's mic and withcindy videos

reading: nothing rn, but picking up concerning my daughter by kim hye jin, a minor chorus by billy ray belcourt, don't cry for me by daniel black, and to paradise by hanya yanigahara from the library soon

random fact: a pillar of spartan society was the krypteia, which functioned as a form of state-supported terorrism against the enslaved, called the helots.

2023-10-02 @ 11AM

happy october aka the BEST month

i've been in a very much rut recently. i felt like i was starting to get on this downward spiral where all i would do was sleep and work and that was basically it. but i don't want to fall down that trap!

i think my main problem is its really hard for me to build routines, but i think that's the case with everyone teehee

i've made soooo many daily routines and morning routines and evening routines throughout the years but i've never sticked to any of them. i don't really know why. my goal is to just be healthy... as long as i am physically healthy, my mental health will be better and i can be more productive.

working closing shifts obviously doesn't help at all since i won't have a consistent time i'd go to bed at.

had more to say but! i forgot! will see y'all again soon :3

mood: tired but hopeful

listening: how i'd kill by cowboy malfoy and legroom by adan diaz.

playing: pokémon sword and shield! working on a shiny living dex in pokémon home :D

watching: nothing rn, but rooting for m1ss jade so to win drag race philippines s2!

reading: nothing :(

random fact: masuda method rare-mark shiny antique sinistea odds is 3/819,200,000

2023-09-06 @ 11AM

had my hair dyed into a pure white and i really like it!! i feel bad cuz it was very expensive... but! i do love it :)

i mainly wanted to create a to-do list with this entry. so without further ado:

  • finish the omori shrine
  • revamp the shrine page to be more appealing
  • create shrines to: yume nikki, ib, countdown to countdown, dimension 20, the sims, drag race, gravity falls, moshi monsters, night in the woods, pokémon, vocaloid, the evillious chronicles, tomodachi life, my friends + family

actually thought there would be more lol? rn i'm mainly focusing on my shrine stufff it seems....

mood: tired! feeling very meh...

listening: laufey mainly. trying to get into classical music.

playing: haven't played any games!

watching: mentopolis!

reading: the oxford classical dictionary (it's actually really interesting!!!!!)

random fact: modern hissarlik is most likely the location of ancient troy

2023-08-31 @ 10AM

today is the last day of august! it feels really weird that the year is almost over, but it's exciting.

i contacted the local synagogue here about learning more about judaism and the rabbi was really nice! (took me a long time to look at the email though, cuz emails make me very anxious.) he recommended coming to friday evening services and that i can tell him if i'm coming to a specific shabbat service so he can look out for me. i'm really excited to start going, but i need to tell my parents since i can't drive yet and would need my dad to take me to the synagogue. i know they wouldn't care, since they are basically non-practicing christians, but still.

rosh hashanah and yom kippur are only a couple weeks away. either a great time to start getting into judaism or the absolute worse lol. i'll probably attend the rosh service, not sure about yom kippur. maybe!

as of recent i'm mainly just been at work. it's kinda nice having something to do all day! i like working there, but that doesn't mean i want to work in fast food all my life. i'm getting a mini-promotion soon, but i gotta do some e-learning first. i helped train a guy on sandwiches a couple days ago. i was dreading it a bit, but he was nice and it wasn't that hard.

next tuesday, i'm getting my hair cut and dyed. planning on a wolfcut and platinum blonde hair with pink ends. we'll see how it turns out! next thursday, i'm hanging out with a friend. we are gonna go to a cat café and make some desserts (not sure which yet!)

i think i might go work out later today. i really wanna get BUFF!

today is also generally gonna be a coding and organizing type of day. i want my pages to look more visually interesting, but i'm not too terribly sure how.

after a semi-long email exchange with my old high school counselor, i finally was able to log in to the website my old school wanted me to use for recommendations. i had my old academic team coach fill it out, so hopefully she gets that done soon! i still have until november 1st, but i like getting things done ASAP. i thought about retaking the SAT in order to get directly admitted into my (planned) uni's honors' college, but i... don't really want to lol. if i don't get in, i can just reapply my sophomore year.

for those wondering, i'm planning on triple majoring in classical civilization, latin + greek, and jewish studies. if all goes according to plan, i wanna study abroad in athens my junior year. i then plan on getting my doctorate in the classics, focusing on ancient greek religious art in magna graecia (primarily in sybaris or eryx). i'm really excited about it :D

mood: i've been pretty happy :D! having a consistent sleeping schedule has been nice, along with eating more regularly.

listening: ride the cyclone keeps getting stuck in my head. cat's eyes and rosebuds by so much light is a recent fav of mine!

playing: haven't been playing any video games recently! excited for fields of mistria, though. march is so hot....

watching: the historic fandom schemes of

reading: song of achilles by madeline miller

random fact: the shema is the basis of jewish prayer and is from deurteronomy 6:4


cutting straight to the chase, to be honest i've been pretty depressed recently. i'm gonna give it a combination of a lack of going outside, bad sleeping, eating poorly-- whatever it is, i am not having a great time! i feel like i'm falling very far behind and that no one likes me; just general depression stuff, y'know? alas, i wish i could express this more eloquently, but that is a lot of effort.

i wanna do some more design stuff with my website soon. i feel like each page is a lil plain, so i wanna add more css and more writing to each of them to make them better! i especially wanna work on shrines since they tend to be what i like to read on other people's websites.

since i've been kinda rotting i haven't been doing much as of recent. recently i got back into danganronpa and honestly it's not that bad!!! i've been really liking the (he)artless deceit fan-series on youtube, definitely check it out. i've also gotten into grotto beasts and lolita fashion.

since it's almost midnight, i'll keep this short. maybe in future installments i'll write more and with more eloquence, haha. would be fun to do as a weekly review or whatever.